Exhibit 1: Projection of Gains from TCAM
Exhibit 2: Tax Gap Projection to 2019
Exhibit 3: Tax Gap, Calculation of Gain from Individuals
Exhibit 4: Tax gap, Calculation of Gain from Medium Passthroughs
Exhibit 5: dependent exemption claims tax reform act of 1986
Exhibit 6: IRS Budget and Activity Data
Exhibit 7: Historical Pass-through Income
Exhibit 8: TCAM Work Breakdown Structure
Exhibit 9: TCAM Technology Cost Estimate
Exhibit 10: IRS Staff Resource and Cost Estimate
Exhibit 11: Overall IRS Cost Estimates
Exhibit 12: Backup for Information Reporting
Exhibit 12: Backup for Information Reporting
Exhibit 13: Revenue & Cost Summary by AGI Limit
Exhibit 14: Information Reporting Timeline
Exhibit 15: 1099New Scenarios
Exhibit 16: Legislation Financial Analysis
Exhibit 17: Summary of Technology Impact on IRS Service
Exhibit 18: Technology Effect on Enforcement ROI (Illustration)
Exhibit 19: IRS Funding and Other Statistics
Exhibit 20: Tax Gap Key Segments