Our Purpose

Make the Federal tax system fair for everyone who pays their taxes

      • Most people pay their taxes
      • Some people don’t
      • That’s not fair

The Problem

$574 Billion PER YEAR in unpaid taxes

      • A minority of taxpayers fail to pay what they legally owe. This unpaid amount – the Tax Gap – is more than all the income tax paid by 90% of individual taxpayers.
      • Most of the Tax Gap is from high income taxpayers not paying what they owe.
      • This is unfair to every compliant taxpayer.
      • Before we raise taxes on those already paying what they owe, we should collect from those who are not paying.

The Solution

A practical plan to shrink the Tax Gap

  •    Our plan raises $1.4 trillion over 10 years without raising taxes on any compliant taxpayer.
    This is almost as much as President-Elect Biden’s tax plan would raise from increasing individual income and social security taxes.

    Our plan includes three practical steps:
            • Use Modern technology to improve service and identify unreported income
            • Ensure all income is reported to the IRS
            • Provide IRS resources to collect what we know is owed.

It’s only fair – before raising taxes, we should collect the taxes already on the books.

Look Who Agrees

Leaders from across the political spectrum and business community support this plan.

See all the comments on our proposal

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Here is our proposal to shrink the Tax Gap and make it easier for tax payers to deal with the IRS.

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